12 Athletic Questions to ask Before Committing to a Women's College Basketball Team

1. What positions will I play on your team? It is not always obvious. Most coaches want to be flexible, so you might not receive a definite answer.

2. What other players may be competing at the same position? The response could give you an idea of when you can expect to be a starter.

3. Will I be redshirted my first year? The school’s policy on redshirting may impact you both athletically and academically.

4. What expectations do you have for training and conditioning? This will reveal the institution’s commitment to a training and conditioning program.

5. How would you best describe your coaching style? Every coach has a particular style that involves different motivational techniques and discipline. You need to know if a coach’s teaching style matches your learning style.

6. When does the head coach’s contract end? How long does the coach intend to stay? The answer could be helpful. Do not make any assumptions about how long a coach will be at a school. If the coach leaves, does this change your mind about the school/program?

7. What are preferred, invited and uninvited walk-on situations? How many do you expect to compete? How many earn a scholarship? Situations vary from school to school.

8. Who else are you recruiting for my position? Coaches may consider other student-athletes for every position.

9. Is medical insurance required for my participation? Is it provided by the college? You may be required to provide proof of insurance.

10. If I am seriously injured while competing, who is responsible for my medical expenses? Different colleges have different policies.

11. What happens if I want to transfer to another school? You may not transfer without the permission of your current school’s athletics administration. Ask how often coaches grant this privilege and ask for an example of a situation in which permission was not granted.

12. What other factors should I consider when choosing a college? Be realistic about your athletics ability and the type of athletics experience you would enjoy. Some student-athletes want to be part of a particular athletics program, even if that means little or no playing time. Other considerations include coaching staff and style. Of course, the ideal is to choose a college or university that will provide you with both the educational and athletics opportunities you want.